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  • 30+ Years Of Experience!
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Human Relations

Our priority is to establish strong and reliable relationships with our clients that will last for years, making rental more carefree and enjoyable.


Οur courteous staff is well trained to provide you with the best services available on the market and to respond to all your needs!

Safety & Trust

Our vehicles are being checked every day by professional car mechanics in order to maintain in impeccable condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum age to rent a car? Open or Close
    You must be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Greece and have your driving license for at least one year. For renters under the age of 23, there is a New Driver's Charge, depending on the category of the car and the insurance company.
  • Can someone else drive the rented car? Open or Close
    The rented car is normally insured only for the person making the rental. If they want others to drive the car they must be added to the lease contract at the start of the rental. There will be an extra charge for the second driver €3 per day per rental contract.
  • What is included in the price? Open or Close
    Prices usually include unlimited mileage insurance and taxes according to the price offered by Atlas each time. The following fees can also be included in the prices:
    • Combined Safety (CDW), with a specific amount of liability depending on the category of car you choose.
    • Theft Protection (TP), which relates only to the theft of the car and not to the personal items inside the car. Liability varies depending on the car category. 24-hour roadside assistance
    Note: the renter is fully responsible for any damage to the ATLAS car Unless otherwise stated in a local police report, if the car was driven by anyone other than the driver named on the lease contractor if there was excessive indifference or negligent use of the car.
  • What do I need to rent a car? Open or Close
    All you need to book your car is to make a simple booking with your details. When you pick up your car you will need a credit or debit card or cash as well as :
    1. The online booking voucher
    2. The driver’s credit / debit card (with a sufficient amount of money available to guarantee the car).
    3. The driver's license and passport or Identification Card will be requested by the driver upon arrival at the pickup station. All of the above must show the name of the driver. The driver's license for the rented car must have been issued at least one year before the rental date. The driver must either be a holder of a driving license issued by a European Union country or a holder of an International Driving License. The International Driving License must be accompanied by the driving license of the country of the driver.
  • Can I drive off the road? Open or Close
    All rental cars are allowed to drive on asphalt roads. Damage that may be caused by driving on dirt roads or off-road in general is not covered by any insurance.
  • How can I cancel or modify a reservation? Open or Close
    If you have made a reservation directly through our site and you wish to cancel or modify, you should contact us at 2310 325845 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know the Name and Order ID of the reservation. Please note that there is a cancellation policy and in some cases you may lose your deposit. If you have made your booking through another website or travel agent, you should contact the appropriate travel agency.
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